• 8 hours per week
• Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies
• Duration of the contract: 3 years
• Application deadline: 5 July 2020

We are looking for:

The mission of the Radboud/Socrates professorship is research and lecturing on humanist conceptions of Europe and their meaning for global justice. Europe is not just the home of the Judeo-Christian tradition, it is also the home and birthplace of secular humanism – both of which have, often dialectically, contributed to the development of Europe as a universal idea rather than a spot on the map. A vital and foundational element of the European idea is justice: both legal justice (in the form of the rule of law rather than the rule of the rulers’ whims) and philosophical justice (as the ethically legitimate organisation of social cooperation). To paraphrase Augustine of Hippo: what would Europe be without justice? In our times, the universal Europe turns out to have borders, edges and margins where its universality and its dream of global justice are questioned. At its physical borders, migrants and refugees test the universality of Europe. Initially in the psychological and cultural margins of European society, and by now even in its core, tolerance for (non-white) non-Europeans and tolerance-based adaptation and mitigation have become more divisive than unifying themes. In the Philosophers’ cave, East meets West: Europe’s cosmopolitanism, the call for global justice, is questioned not just as incompatible with non-humanist values but also as the ultimate incarnation of post-colonialism.

We are looking for a professor who will:

• Contribute, through his/her research focus on the influence and self-understanding of humanism, to the academic scholarship on Europe and global justice, the first understood as both ideal and place, the second as ethical and legal.
• Contribute to the understanding of the dialectical relation between the Judeo-Christian tradition and secular humanism in the shaping of contemporary Europe.
• Contribute lectures and assignments on these subjects to the Bachelor’s degree programme in Philosophy, Politics and Society, and where possible in Master’s degree programmes.
• Contribute to the public debate on humanism, Europe and global justice through public media, university channels (specifically the Radboud Reflects programme) and the Socrates Humanist Foundation and its humanist sister organisations.

We ask:

  • A PhD in a relevant discipline.
  • A solid international research portfolio and reputation in the domain of global justice and/or European culture and society.
  • A clear affinity with modern humanism.
  • Ample teaching experience and outstanding teaching qualities.
  • Fluency in the Dutch language.
  • Experience in fundraising for research activities.

We are:

The Socrates Humanist Foundation was established in 1950 by the Humanist Federation of the Netherlands to promote the scientific exploration of contemporary social problems from a humanist perspective. The foundation aims to create conditions for the exchange of ideas in an academic setting on the fundamental social and cultural issues confronting present-day humanism and on the scientific and cultural foundations of modern humanism. The establishment of professorships is one means to that end. The foundation currently supports 12 such chairs. The professorships share a focus on contemporary societal questions, approaching them from the perspectives of philosophy, ethics, and arts and humanities. In their academic work, Socrates professors involve and address humanist values and concepts such as human autonomy and self-determination, responsibility, solidarity, freedom and emancipation.

The Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies (PTRS), to which this chair belongs, has approximately 160 staff and 8 chair groups, providing courses to some 750 students. Depending on your expertise, you will be assigned to the chair group of Philosophical Ethics and Political Philosophy. You will work together with colleagues from various disciplines and on the basis of interfaculty collaboration. The Faculty has an inspiring academic climate. We continuously seek to innovate our socially relevant domain-specific and interdisciplinary education and research programmes. Responsibility, solidarity, care and commitment are values that characterise the Faculty’s culture.

Radboud University

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We offer:

  • Appointment: 8 hours per week.
  • This is an unpaid position. The Faculty will make a budget available for expenses incurred.
  • Duration of the contract: 3 years with possibility of extension with 5 years.
  • The intended start date is 1 December 2020.

Would you like more information?

For more information about this vacancy, please contact:
Prof. J.P. Wils, professor of Philosofical Ethics and Philosophy of Cultural
Email: [email protected]

Prof. M.L.J. Wissenburg, professor of Political Theory
Email: [email protected]

Apply directly

Please address your application to Prof. J.P. Wils and submit it, using the application link, no later than 5 July 2020, 23:59 Amsterdam Time Zone.

Your application should include the following attachments:

  • Letter of motivation.
  • CV, including a publication list and the names and contact details of two references.
  • A (brief) description of how you would like to translate the professorship’s profile into research and teaching.
  • A PDF containing one article or book chapter that exemplifies your earlier work and supports your application in this field.

The first round of interviews will probably take place in week 35 or 36.

Apply here