Corona cinema 6 – 13th

Here’s what happens:

As a group, we’ll watch a movie all at once, from the comfort of our own home. Before and after the film, we’ll have a brief discussion on Zoom. This concept was originated by Maarten Dallinga, for the now defunct CoronaCinemaNL. We gave it our own twist for Jonge Humanisten Groningen (Young Humanists Groningen), and this will be our sixth edition. There will be some extra time to watch the movie so you can have your own little snackbreak/intermission whenever you want.

So, we welcome all of you, Dutchies, expats, international students, newcomers, unicorns, from Groningen or anywhere else!


You have voted: 13th

13th is a documentary exploring the “intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration in the US”, from KKK to Black Lives matter. We’ll watch interviews with activists, politicians and historians, combined with archival footage.

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  • 20:00 (Zoom open from 19:45)


Feel free to contact us if the links don’t work for you, or if you have any other questions!